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WANDLER Elektroroller

Escooter WANDLER-K/E - 45km/h - with seat & street legal - bright red

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"Every Kraftwerk-E eScooter has free shipping within Germany"

He changes everything.

Your eScooter. Designed in Germany.

For the last 2.5 years we have dealt with all manufacturers of electric scooters and e-scooters in Germany as retailers. And we learned. Learned what the needs of you as our customers are, learned what deficiencies there are in product quality, promises of reach and sheer marketing... things that disappointed you as customers.

Our eScooter WANDLER-K/E is built for your needs with an extremely high fun factor. Convinced?

Whether in the city, across the country, off the beaten track or on the beach - our eScooter WANDLER-K/E impresses across the board! With the low-maintenance 1500W hub motor you not only get around quickly, the 26 Ah lithium-ion battery also lets you travel 65 km. Convinced now?

The fully hydraulic brakes (front and rear) from the eBikes Sport brake you confidently at any time. The foldable handlebars and removable seat allow the eScooter WANDLER-K/E to find its place in any station wagon or camper. Convinced? Then you can now buy your escooter.

Technical details:

Type: eScooter electric scooter 45 km/h EEC (road legal)
Frame: steel
Motor: 1500W hub motor (low maintenance)
Power: 52V 26AH (range 65+ km)
Battery type: lithium-ion battery
Weight: 55kg
Vehicle frame payload: 150 kg
Permissible total weight: 158 kg
Tire size: 14 inches (35.56cm tire diameter)
Running board: ABS deck (quick cleaning)
Front light: LED
Rear light: LED
Speedometer: digital speedometer
Suspension: Upside-down fork front, double shock absorber encapsulated on the swing arm (low maintenance).
Brakes: Fully hydraulic brake system front + rear (4-piston)
Indicator set: is included (no extra costs)
Color: bright red


Total length: 1300mm
Handlebar width: 720 mm
Vehicle width (running board): 330 mm
Seat height: 800 mm

Attention: for the 45km/h version of our eScooter you need a moped or car driving license.

  • Free Shipping

    With us you don't pay any shipping costs. We will send you the converter K/E to your doorstep free of charge.

  • Packaging dimensions of your eScooter

    140cm x 32cm x 66 cm are the box dimensions for your eScooter converter K/E.

  • Return Policy

    You got our converter K/E and you don't like it? You can find the cancellation conditions in our general terms and conditions.

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  • Shipping costs for spare parts (DHL)

    Standard 0kg-2kg / 2-4 working days / €5.49

    Standard 2kg - 5kg / 2-4 working days / €6.99

    Standard 5kg - 10kg / 2-4 working days / €9.49

    Standard 10kg - 31kg / 2-4 working days / €16.49

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