A brand that enriches the electrical market in Germany.

  • Power plant E refinement

    For 2.5 years we have been promoting electromobility in Saxony, bringing e-vehicles closer to people in and around Germany's easternmost city and actively shaping the market through services such as a rental station, tourist tours, third-party vehicle repairs and in-house developments.

    We received two awards for this, for the best concept in the area of ​​eMobility and as a TOP motorcycle dealer in 2021 with a Google ranking of 4.12/5.0.

    In 2020 and 2021, Corona also showed us how important it is to be on site, to store spare parts and to keep transport routes short and cost-effective. In the end in favor of the customer to guarantee a quick and guaranteed processing.

  • Geschäftsführer Ralf Worm

    Ralf Worm

    Managing directors and shareholders

    Ralf Worm, 46, former managing director and owner of GOYYA Systems GmbH & Co. KG (company sale in 2018), specialist in corporate development, digitalization and corporate financing. Freelance IT & business consultant and active investor for SMEs since 2018.

  • Oliver Heinrich

    Oliver Heinrich

    Marketing professional

    Oliver Heinrich, 43, former managing director of the Proximity agency in Düsseldorf, digital creative and multiple award winner (Audi, Mercedes, Schwarzkopf, BMW, ABinbev, Mentos, Nikon).

    Expert in the field of digital marketing, tourism marketing, electromobility and sales strategies.

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  • STVO approved

    Our eScooter WANDLER K/E can be registered on European roads without any problems.

  • Up to 150 kg load capacity

    The WANDLER has a maximum payload of 150kg (person and luggage) and is far ahead of the competition.

  • 65 km range

    With a maximum range of 65 km, you can easily cover long distances without charging.